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I specialise in working with cancer patients to tailor their meals to work for their individual requirements

When my mother was undergoing treatment for cancer, we had no idea how important her diet was for her immunity and energy levels. What's more, there were many foods she just didn't enjoy or couldn't digest anymore. I look back now and know how much the training I've had now could have helped. 

Treatment for cancer can lead to many challenges surrounding food due to different symptoms and appetite or palate changes. I can teach you techniques and design meal plans to help alleviate these problems whilst still having delicious, nourishing food for you and your loved ones. The aim is to optimise your immunity and energy levels to boost your quality of life as much as possible.

During such a difficult time when you often have to surrender control over your body, being able to take control of something so positive and loving to yourself as food is very powerful

Along with my culinary training, I was a teaching chef at Jamie Oliver's cookery school so I'm very happy teaching the whole family if that's something that would be positive for you. 

Any work we do together is entirely tailored to your unique requirements so we would spend as much time discussing your needs as necessary before meeting for our sessions.

I also offer workshops for charities or support groups so do get in touch if you'd like to talk more organising something.



I benefited from Sarah’s expertise and knowledge when I was stuck in a pickle with my low iodine diet. She managed to help find me some very tasty recipes that I could still eat and enjoy, even a brownie recipe. Thanks so much Sarah! - Charlotte, 23


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When it feels like there just aren't enough hours in the day, especially when you are taking care of several other people, it feels like the easiest part of your routine to throw out to free up time is self care.


We need to flip this logic on its head


Join me, Sarah Philips INHC, in this guide on why and how to implement and prioritise self care.

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