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Your guide on the journey to the healthiest, happiest you

You've probably noticed, as a species we're in a bit of a pickle. 

Our healthcare system is based on disease management, instead of disease prevention and health promotion. I believe that this is backwards and wastes not only money but lives. We need a self-care system rather than a healthcare system, such as it is today. 

As a health coach, I help identify areas which could cause potential problems in the future and work with you to make gradual adjustments over time to form long lasting habits. We can work on your diet, your daily routine and your exercise choices. We can delve into areas of your relationships, your career or other pursuits and work to create the best possible balance in your life through motivational coaching and mindset work

You don't need to come to me with specific problems or even to know what's wrong. Chances are we will find out pretty quickly! If you have digestive issues, trouble sleeping, systemic yeast overgrowth, recurring illness or if you simply lack vitality and energy, I can help you. 

I have a special interest in working with young women needing help with candida overgrowth along with any gynaecological or urological issues. I can help you navigate the physiological and emotional impacts of these conditions. 

I do work with people looking to lose weight but I never prescribe extreme diets, not least because I am not a medical professional, but also because they do not lead to longterm change

This is why I offer clients 6 month programmes, so that when our work together has finished, the positive changes made will last a lifetime

I offer varied levels of support depending on the client's needs and I always offer virtual support and resources such as recipes between sessions. It is always my primary concern to offer you a judgement-free space where you feel thoroughly supported and comfortable throughout the coaching process.



Sarah is very professional and knowledgable. I benefited from her advice and would definitely recommend her as a health coach and wellness advisor! - Rose, 26


Sarah is fantastic! Very personable and knowledgeable. I look forward to our continued adventure through the fun quagmire of nutrition.  - Kevin, 40

Sarah spontaneously came into my life after offering taster health consultations. The minute I met her we clicked. She really genuinely cares about you and your health, and I could see so much kindness in her soul. She is inspiringly articulate, a very intelligent, strong and empowering woman. And she will make you feel strong and empowered too - Elpha, 24

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When it feels like there just aren't enough hours in the day, especially when you are taking care of several other people, it feels like the easiest part of your routine to throw out to free up time is self care.


We need to flip this logic on its head


Join me, Sarah Philips INHC, in this guide on why and how to implement and prioritise self care.

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