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Boundaries are a must!

‘I have boundaries. This is one of them. I love you, but I’ve drawn a line and I’m showing you where it is.’ This, maybe in more affectionate or more professional words (depending on the context), is a conversation we should all feel comfortable having. Yet so many of us struggle with clearly and openly…

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De-stress your nervous system

How often do you stop and just breathe? It seems like a strange and potentially futile activity, but it may just be the best thing you could possibly do for yourself. I want to talk a bit about the nervous system and the effect of stress on the body. It’s crucial to have some understanding…

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Your body is YOUR business

For so long we’ve treated our bodies like we treat cars. We use a car mindlessly until something isn’t running right. Then, or even later when it’s broken down entirely, we take it to our mechanic and expect them to fix whatever is wrong. This is what we expect from doctors when something isn’t right…

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When it feels like there just aren't enough hours in the day, especially when you are taking care of several other people, it feels like the easiest part of your routine to throw out to free up time is self care.


We need to flip this logic on its head


Join me, Sarah Philips INHC, in this guide on why and how to implement and prioritise self care.

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