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Let me introduce myself and my WHY

It's been quite a journey to get here! I'm Sarah, born and bred in London, I'm now based in Bonn, Germany after stints studying in Paris and NYC.

It's hard to know where to start with who I am - so let's just say I'm extremely multi passionate. I'm a trained singer and a chef with a first class degree in French and a German fiance. There's been no straight or clear path to get to where I am, but it all somehow brought me here, to my calling, as a health coach working with incredible women every day.

My big WHY, the reason I get out of bed every day and risk being a 25 year old entrepreneur, starts nearly a decade ago when my mother died of cervical cancer. My mother and the rest of our family had all felt totally victimised by the disease. Why us? How could this happen? We focused after her death on raising money to find a cure or a treatment for this particular cancer, for which there had been little research.

It's only now that I see this tragedy in a clear light, after many years of education and research. A few essential points emerge:

  • At no point had we considered how my mother's lifestyle might have triggered the disease - she wasn't eating terribly and wasn't too overweight, but her diet and lifestyle were far from  'cancer preventative'.
  • My mother ignored symptoms for a VERY long time before she was diagnosed. Her cervical smears, we later discovered, were misdiagnosed for over a decade, so she was utterly failed medically. However, there is something seriously and systemically wrong if a woman just 'sucks it up' for as long as she did.
  • The fact there was NO research into treatment for cervical cancer reveals a lot about the desire to turn a blind eye to gynecological issues.

So this forms one piece of the puzzle, of my WHY: We need to empower ourselves to be advocates for our own health and to trust out gut when we feel something is wrong. And, more importantly, we need to take responsibility for our bodies and our health. We have to learn to listen to our body and to be able to bring it back into homeostasis time and time again.

The next piece of the puzzle comes from the other most important woman in my life, my amazing older sister and my best friend. When she was a teenager, my sister suffered from acne and was prescribed longterm antibiotics. Later at university, two things happened which threw her health very seriously out of balance. Firstly, her diet for her first year was made up of refined carbohydrates and sugar. Secondly, she was put on the pill when she started her first proper relationship. The results: my sister's hormonal and gut health were thrown so far out of disorder that her cycle and mood became very erratic. Systemic candida overgrowth thanks to the antibiotics and hormonal contraception wreaked havoc and there was little to no medical advice or help available. Fast forward to today and she is still having to carefully manage her lifestyle and stress levels to avoid the many side effects of systemic candida, and what's more, she's now been diagnosed with PCOS which could effect her longterm fertility and means weight loss is extremely difficult.

This story is in NO way an isolated or unusual case. Young girls and women are lacking so much education around the long term effects of various medications and lifestyle choices. Thankfully this can be undone through careful holistic management. This is what I do - I help women undo the damage done. 

However, long term I hope to help prevent this damage ever occurring. 

I have carefully curated my training and experience over several years in order to offer the most truly holistic and effective experience to my clients. I am a trained natural foods chef and yoga teacher alongside my certification in integrative health coaching with a specialist certification in hormonal health. Basically, I know my shit and more importantly, I'm a gifted teacher and coach and I know how to take you from where you are to where you want to go. I show up to each and every coaching session with laser focus on you, and I know exactly when to give you the soft touch or the tough love. My work is my passion and my absolute purpose so I deeply care about my clients' results.

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