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Hormonal Health

I am SO done watching women suffer in silence

Our normal should not be sick and tired, it should be glowing and vital. Ladies, beautiful souls, I'm here to tell you that you deserve to feel fantastic all month long. I'm here to tell you that this is TOTALLY possible for you to achieve if you have the courage to try, if you have the courage to trust a process and to take radical responsibility for your health.

(If you want to understand more about why I care SO deeply about this, click here)

I have heard too many stories from women about being dismissed by those who are supposed to help us get healthier, being told that their symptoms are nothing. Too many stories of women or very young girls being prescribed the pill as a band-aid covering the underlying cause of their hormonal imbalances. 

I'm not here to have a go at the medical profession. Modern medicine can be utterly miraculous, especially in response to trauma and injury. However, it doesn't address the body as a whole system and there is just not enough care taken around women's hormonal health.

Some common examples of conditions deemed normal or unworthy of attention:

Erratic cycles often lasting longer than 2 months

Constant tiredness in the morning but feeling wired at night

Painful acne, excess hair growth, stubborn weight

Regular cycles but extremely debilitating PMS symptoms

All of these are examples of systemic hormonal imbalances. All of these are signals of something being wrong at a deeper level. None of these should be treated with hormonal contraception without extensive hormonal testing and alternative lifestyle changes being tried first.

We wonder why fertility is becoming more and more of a problem. Well it's because we've lost touch with our essential nature. The fact our systems operate cyclically, the fact we ebb and flow.

We live in a very toxic world, this is a tragedy that we can't necessarily change. However, we can learn to shield ourselves to maintain our balance.


SO what can you do, and what can I do to help?

I work with women who are READY and WILLING to accept the responsibility of this truth. Women who are ready to step up and claim their health, regardless of what that means for convenience.

My package is a 6 month 1:1 coaching program based around the following steps (the pace will depend on how you):

  1. Balancing blood sugar
  2. Managing stress levels
  3. Supporting the detox systems
  4. Syncing lifestyle with your cycle

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There is a HUGE mindset shift that comes with doing this work, so throughout the program we will delve into mental and emotional blocks, as well as honing your vision for your juiciest, most powerful version of your life. Because disclaimer, my dearest, side effects of our work may include you stepping into a whole new identity (you'll love her, I promise).

I am so excited about this work and for the women I'll be able to catalyse incredible change in.


Who is this for?

  • Any women struggling with irregular periods, PMS or PMDD
  • Women wanting to prepare for conception or struggling with fertility
  • Women with PCOS
  • Women struggling with Thyroid problems
  • Women struggling with adrenal fatigue (feeling constantly tired) or chronic stress
  • Women with endometriosis

Also related (the same program would help solve):

  • Recurrent UTIs or thrush (candida)
  • Migraines (hormonally related)

If that's you, book in a discovery session now so we can get you on your way 


Who is this work NOT for?

  • Menopausal women (this is a different area of expertise and may require bio-identical hormone replacement)
  • Anyone expecting to pay and get a result automatically. I can only guide you: whether you get any results is totally up to you.
  • Anyone not willing to take responsibility and be spoken to very directly.



The importance of your cycle is NOT just about whether you want to get pregnant right now or not. Fertility is a long time in the making and even if you're 10 years away from wanting to conceive, the actions you take now to improve your health effect your future children's epigenetic destiny (BIG thoughts, I know).

Change is scary, I know. Part of the coaching process is helping you move past this so you can have the big breakthroughs in your health that you're craving.


If you feel like this is a yes, book in a no-obligation call with me so we can find out if we're a fit



To anyone thinking of investing in their health and their life in general I would highly recommend Sarah. I was looking for a life coach and found so many that weren’t bad but they offered so much that has been said or done before. 

Sarah offered me great advice on how to find healthy options into my very chaotic life ( at that stage ). It was a gradual change that was tailor made for me which is why it worked and felt so easy to do. 

Sarah is a Multi Talent and has helped me to manage the chaos, work with my health issues and create a wonderful life concept. The 6 months has gone so fast and changed so much at an easy pace. Sarah will take you step by step to develop the areas of your life that need development. 

Once you have started with Sarah, you won’t want to stop which is why we have started our cooking classes too. As I previously mentioned, she is a multi talent! 

If you are looking for big changes in your life then I suggest Sarah as a partner! - Candice, 44

Sarah spontaneously came into my life after offering taster health consultations. The minute I met her we clicked. She really genuinely cares about you and your health, and I could see so much kindness in her soul. She is inspiringly articulate, a very intelligent, strong and empowering woman. And she will make you feel strong and empowered too - Elpha, 24

Sarah is very professional and knowledgable. I benefited from her advice and would definitely recommend her as a health coach and wellness advisor! - Rose, 26

Sarah is fantastic! Very personable and knowledgeable. I look forward to our continued adventure through the fun quagmire of nutrition.  - Kevin, 40

Ready to say F* you to suboptimal?



When it feels like there just aren't enough hours in the day, especially when you are taking care of several other people, it feels like the easiest part of your routine to throw out to free up time is self care.


We need to flip this logic on its head


Join me, Sarah Philips INHC, in this guide on why and how to implement and prioritise self care.

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